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Northwest Missouri State University

Mass Email

Use of mass mail via Northwest email services is restricted to email that is relevant to official University business, the University’s mission and a significant segment of the campus community. 

Any form of solicitation is prohibited.  Mass email publicizing events such as bake sales, dances and dinners where commercial activities may occur or tickets must be purchased are not appropriate content for a mass email.  Such events should instead be advertised via social media such as Twitter or Facebook, etc., or submitted to Northwest News, the Northwest Missourian or other similar online or printed publication.Mass Mail  is only appropriate when approved by the proper university office or there is an emergency or crisis affecting or having the potential to affect the entire campus community such as:

Obtaining Mass Mail Approval

Mass email messages cannot be sent using an individual department or organization’s email address.  Nor can faculty, staff or students use the Northwest network or their campus email address to send mass mail to other users.  Mass email will only be approved by University Marketing and Communication or Student Affairs if the mass email request originates from a department, division, school administration or organizational sponsor.  Mass email requests from lower-level units will be denied.

Disclaimers on emails do not exclude them from being considered mass mail.  Mass mail must be approved by the appropriate office and include that approval at the top or bottom of the email message.   

Everyone must submit message requests (a copy of the intended message must also be presented at the time of the request) through the appropriate university office.  Appropriate university offices to approach for approval of a mass mailing are:

The appropriate office will keep a copy of the approved email on file.  All approved mass mail messages will be sent out as an official University Marketing & Communciation communication such as Northwest News and not from individual, organizational or departmental accounts.   Exceptions to this rule are:  Any official email generated from University Marketing and Communication Northwest News and Information, the President’s Office, the Provost's Office or University Police. 

Example(s) of the Process:

Also, allowed—but using a listserv is recommended if at all possible—are: Faculty sending messages to students enrolled in the their classes, supervisors sending messages to staff or an organization sending messages to its membership.  If your message falls into this category of allowed emails, but you are emailing well over 200 students, please consider putting the following in your email message to encourage others to view and follow Northwest's Mass Mail Policy:  This email message adheres to Northwest’s Mass Mail Policy.  Please see that policy if you are considering sending mass mail.

If messages continue to be sent to a user despite a request that the messages be terminated, the user may report the email abuse to the Information Technology—Client Computing Help Desk at 660-562-1634 or, in cases of harassment, University Police at 660-562-1254.

Obtaining a Listserv

When information needs to reach a large number of people, consider using a mailing list, web page, Notices of the Day or an announcement in the Northwest Missourian or Northwest News. 

University-sponsored organizations, academic and administrative departments, faculty and staff can have a listserv created for their usage.  Individual students are not eligible for a listserv.  Once a listserv has been created, the owner of the account may grant membership to desired users by having them subscribe to their list.

To request a mailing list, see Listserv Support at: