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Northwest Missouri State University

Windows 7

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  1. The Fundamentals
    1. Covers the "bare bones" basics about learning how to start your computer and load Windows.
  2. Working with a Window
    1. Explains how to manage the windows and programs on your screen.
  3. Working with a Program
    1. Explains how to control programs using the ribbon.  Teaches what a dialog box is and how to use its controls.
  4. Working with Folders and Files
    1. Explains how to organize your computer by creating folders to store related information, how to move and copy files between folders, how to delete and rename files and folders, and how to retrieve a deleted file.
  5. Working with the Taskbar and Desktop
    1. Learn how to customize the taskbar and desktop.  Learn how to move, resize, and hide the taskbar; how to customize the Start menu; and how to use the Windows Sidebar on the desktop.
  6. Personalizing Windows
    1. Learn how to give your computer character by adding your own custom wallpaper, screensaver, desktop themes, and screen colors. Learn how to adjust the screen resolution and the number of colors that appear on the screen at once. Learn how to adjust the date and time on your computer, the mouse settings, and the sounds your computer makes.
  7. Using Windows Accessories
    1. Explores the programs that Microsoft included with Windows 7. Learn what the “freebie” programs are, what they do, and if they will work for your purposes.
  8. Connecting to the Internet
    1. Learn about the different ways you can connect to the Internet using your phone, cable, or even your cell phone provider. Also learn how to access the Internet wirelessly from your laptop. Finally, learn about ways to troubleshoot your Internet connection should something go wrong.
  9. Working with Hardware and Peripherals
    1. Learn how to identify various ports on your computer and how you can add devices like printers, external hard drives, and digital cameras.
  10. Optimizing and Maintaining Your Computer
    1. Explains how to optimize and maintain your computer. Learn how to find and correct problems on your computer’s hard disk, install and remove software, backup and restore your important files, and more.
  11. Networking with Windows 7
    1. Explains how to perform several common networking tasks, such as how to browse the network, connect to a network printer, share files and folders on your computer with other users on the network, and connect to a private network while away from your desk.