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Northwest Missouri State University


Telecommunications [Telecom] pledges our highest quality efforts to students, faculty, and staff.

Telecom provides long distance service, voice mail, cable television,and installation of new telephone service and data connections in an accurate, courteous, and timely manner.

If we can be of any assistance to you please contact the Information Technology-Client Computing Help Desk at 660.562.1634 and ask to speak with a member of Telecom.

Telecommucations Services

Telecommunications [Telecom] is responsible for providing telephone and voice-mail services for faculty, staff and students. Student telephone services have been paperless with online directories, long distance billing detail and long distance rate tables since 1989.

Telecom is responsible for over 3000 telephone numbers. The numbers are divided into two groups: an administrative group and a dorm group. Features on these lines can be changed from a dial-in terminal which accesses a DMS-100 Centrex telephone switch.

The administrative lines are set with different network classes of service such as full long distance capabilities or local service only. Dorm group lines have a set network class of service which requires an authorization code for long distance service. Each residence hall room is assigned a telephone number. Each student is assigned an authorization code. The authorization code is then assigned to the telephone number of the room where the student lives. This provides two levels of security for the student.

First, someone would have to obtain their authorization code. Second, they would have to gain access to the phone line in their room in order to have long distance calls billed to their authorization code.

Faculty, staff and students in resident halls each have telephone service and the option of having personal voice mail. In most cases faculty and staff mailboxes are the same as their phone number. Students are assigned their own private mailbox number. Their room phone numbers are set up as parent mailboxes. Then the student mailboxes are linked to the main mailbox as attached mailboxes. Each mailbox is issued a passcode for security.

Assigning authorization codes and mailboxes to students allows for complete flexibility. It is easy to assign a current authorization code and mailbox to a new phone number when students move. This is also convenient for students since they do not have to learn a new authorization code and reset their voice mail.

Telephone Services Agreement

Telephone Support

For more information, please see our Phone & Cable TV page.