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Northwest Missouri State University

Student using campus-issued laptop computer in the Student Union

Campus Laptop Security and Insurance Resources

Since Northwest began providing laptop computers for students, an average of 7 laptop computers per year have been reported stolen from rooms and vehicles. Although, theft is rare and occurred primarily off-campus and outside Maryville city limits, students need to take reasonable measures to protect their laptop computer. See the Laptop Guide for tips on how to protect your campus-issued laptop computer.

Additionally, students are responsible for repairs for their laptop computer with financial responsibility determined by severity of damage. In a typical year, about 150 repairs result in the student being billed for the damage. The most common non-warranty repairs were broken LCD screens ($50 charge) and repairs resulting from liquid spills that corrode and short out internal circuits ($50 charge). Unless major damage was found or the damage was the result of obvious vandalism, gross negligence, or attempting to repair the laptop computer, students will not be billed for the full cost of repair.

Northwest laptop computers are covered by the vendor for manufacturing defects and will typically be covered for minor damage with a $50 deductable (which will be billed to the student's Northwest account). Minor damage includes but is not limited to: liquid spills, cracked LCD screens, broken USB ports, unauthorized repairs resulting in damaged components, etc.

Students are financially responsible in full for major damage, loss, or theft of the campus-issued laptop computer up to $1500.

Note: Immediately file a police report if your campus-issued laptop computer is lost or stolen. Filing a report and providing that report to the Jon T. Rickman Electronic Campus Support Center (ECSC) will result in a refund if the laptop computer is recovered and may reduce financial liability.

For major laptop computer damage, vandalism or theft, students are encouraged to purchase liability insurance from an insurance provider. Three such vendors of which we are aware are listed below:

Note: Northwest, however, is not endorsing any of these vendors, and if you wish to purchase insurance from any other vendor you are free to do so.

All campus-issued laptop computer repairs must be completed at the Jon T. Rickman Electronic Campus Support Center (ECSC).

Northwest laptop computers are the sole property of Northwest Missouri State University and must be returned when a student leaves the university or their campus laptop agreement (contract) concludes.