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Northwest Missouri State University

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Northwest provides two wireless networks for campus users: the Guest and the Secure.

The Guest wireless network allows a user to connect to the internet with a personally-owned computer, but does not allow for printing to a networked printer or accessing network storage, is especially useful to campus visitors who want to use their computer to get onto the Internet, but who do not have a Northwest username and password.

Note: The Guest wireless network is available in such public areas as B.D. Owens Library, the Student Uniion and the Station.

In contrast to the Guest wireless, the Secure wireless network will allow you to print to a networked printer and access your network storage folder if you have a valid Northwest Network Account username and password.

Using the Northwest Wireless Network with Windows 7 and 8 (Non-University Provided Computer)

If you have a Northwest Network Account username and password and want to connect to the Secure wireless network with your personally-owned computer that has a Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system (OS), make sure your wireless card is being controlled by Windows and not a third party.  Must have a valid Northwest Network Account username and password to use the Secure wireless network.

Windows 7 Wireless Connection Instructions

Windows 8 Wireless Connection Instructions

Note:  If, after configuring your computer using the Windows 7 or 8 Wireless Configuration instructions, you cannot log on to the Northwest Secure wireless network with your valid Northwest Network Account username and password, try restarting your computer.  Once you have restarted, try logging back into the Northwest Secure wireless network.  If, after restarting, you still cannot log in to the Secure wireless  etwork, go back through the instructions carefully to make sure you did not miss a step in the configuration process.  You many also want to check for updated drivers for your wireless card.  Also, make sure your Northwest Network Account password is not expired.  You will not be able to get on the Secure wireless network if your password is expired!

Older Operating Systems (OS) Configuration Instructions (Non-University Provided Computer)