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Northwest Missouri State University

 (Photo by Darren Whitley)

Microsoft Windows

Windows 10

The following Microsoft Windows 10 online tutorial is created by Micrcrosoft and is designed to give you a basic understanding of the Windows 10 environemnt.

Note:  Northwest Missouri State University has opted currently to continue to use Windows 7.  So, please see Windows 7 instructions if you are using a Northwest-issued laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Windows 8

The following Microsoft Windows 8 basic how-to guide is created by Micrcrosoft and is designed to give you a basic understanding of the Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1 environments.

Helpful Windows 8 keyboard commands

Charm Commands

  • Win+C: Open charms
  • Win+Q: Search charm
  • Win+H: Share charm
  • Win+K: Devices charm
  • Win+I: Settings charm

Search Commands

  • Win+Q: Search apps
  • Win+W: Search settings
  • Win+F: Search files

Windows 8 App Commands

  • Win+Z: Get to app options
  • Win+.: Snap app to the left
  • Win+Shift+.: Snap app to the right
  • Ctrl+Tab: Cycle through app history
  • Alt+F4: Close an app

Desktop Commands

  • Win+D: Open Desktop
  • Win+,: Peek at desktop
  • Win+B: Back to desktop

Other Commands

  • Win+X: Open system utility settings menu
  • Win+PrntScrn: Take screenshot + save to Pictures
  • Win+Tab: Open Switch List and cycles through running apps (similar to Alt+Tab in previous Windows versions)
  • Win+Shift+Tab: Open switch list and cycles through running apps in reverse order
  • Win+T: Preview open windows in taskbar
  • Win+U: Open Ease of Access Center
  • Ctrl+ESC: Start screen
  • Win+Enter: Open Windows Narrator

Windows 7

The following 2010 Microsoft Windows 7 Quick Reference guide is created by Custom Guide, Inc. ( and is used by Client Computing with the permission of Custom Guide, Inc.  According to Custom Guide, the following printable quick reference guide is yours to use, distribute and share at Northwest Missouri State University for educational, not-for-profit purposes.  Custom Guide materials may not be used, copied or distributed for commercial puposes.  Custom Guide materials must also always be properly attributed to Custom Guide, Inc. at the copyright holder.

Note: Custom Guide, Inc. provides a wide array of Microsoft Office and Windows training services and materials, including online training. If interested in other Custom Guide training, please see their web site at:

Windows XP Pro

Windows XP is a line of proprietary operating systems (OS) developed by Microsoft for use in general-purpose computer systems. Windows XP, which stands for eXPerience, was the first consumer-oriented OS produced by Microsoft to be built on the Windows NT kernel and architecture. Windows XP is known for its enhanced stability and efficiency over previous versions of Microsoft Windows. Windows XP presented a redesigned graphical user interface, which was a change that Microsoft promoted as being more user-friendly than other versions of Windows.

The most common editions of the OS are Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. Northwest Missouri State University uses the Windows XP Professional OS. Client Computing, in an effort to help campus users take advantage of and understand this powerful educational and professional tool, provides basic how-to guide information on how to use Windows XP Professional.  

All Microsoft images/icons/text used in the above documentation are owned and copyrighted to Microsoft Corporation and used by Northwest Missouri State University with Microsoft's permission for educational purposes.