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Northwest Missouri State University

CITE News Fall 2007

Aug. 16, 2007

New version of Tegrity

Updated features

Tegrity Classroom includes unique Tegrity Enhanced Podcasting, which enables students to access Tegrity Sessions using their iPods, MP3 players or RAZR phones. They literally take the class with them anywhere they go and study when and where their schedules permit. Tegrity Enhanced Podcasting automatically generates text and a visual index that makes finding and replaying a specific point a breeze for students.

Students want to find the information they need quickly without replaying the entire class. Tegrity Classroom enables them to search for virtually any text the instructor has presented via any application or web browser. When a student enters a search keyword or phrase, Tegrity searches all textual content the instructor has presented in a session, including PowerPoint slides, annotations, and external references, like websites.

Simple 1-click start and stop recording process. This new 1-click process ensures rapid faculty adoption. The recorded class experience includes the instructor voice and computer screen activity and optionally video and freeform handwriting.

Automatic capture, index and posting of recordings to your course folder - Tegrity Classroom automatically captures and aggregates all teaching done on and off campus within a single Tegrity Classroom folder. Once a folder has been created, recorded sessions will automatically post to the appropriate folder, so instructors no longer need to cut and paste recordings.

Integrated folder creation and link-posting tool - Tegrity Classroom allows faculty to quickly create course folders with a simple drop-down menu. No more cutting and pasting sessions to multiple pages. Once you set up a class folder from the drop-down menu, Tegrity will automatically post sessions to that folder for access by students.

Simplified Login -
We've added another shortcut for instructor login too. By simply "right-clicking" the Tegrity icon that appears in the system tray and selecting "Login to Tegrity Campus", faculty can login to Tegrity.

Intuitive graphic interface allows instructors to easily switch between audio sources - The instructor can now set the audio source for the recording to switch automatically in tandem with the instructional video source. For example, Tegrity can be set to automatically switch the audio source from the microphone to "Line-In" when the professor wishes to switch from microphone-generated audio to DVD player. The instructor simply selects the icon or "pictogram" to identify the desired video source.

If you would be interested in a demonstration of Tegrity, please give Jolaine Zweifel, Computer Specialist at CITE a call at x-1532 or e-mail her at