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Northwest Missouri State University


Mobile web-based solution from Pearson eCollege ready for integration

Mobile App PictureMeet the new mobile companion for eCompanion. This fall CITE is announcing to faculty the new mobile web application for Pearson eCollege. The link for this mobile site is Faculty can try out the new application by using their eCompanion/eCourse login credentials. This mobile solution allows access to eCompanion and eCourse sites using mobile devices. The mobile web application will be marketed to students this spring 2012. This mobile website-based solution, which requires no downloads or apps, is accessible from multiple mobile operating systems. Pearson eCollege's 24/7 helpdesk will be supporting this application. Courses must be in the .NExT version. Most Northwest courses have been converted to the new version, but there are still a few that need to be converted. Contact CITE if you need your course site converted.

With their mobile device, students can:

How to I put an icon on my iPhone Home Screen?

Marketing/Management Department working to incorporate Quality Matters reviews for online program

Over the past couple of years the, Marketing/Management Department has been working toward the goal of having all online courses offered for the online Bachelors of Science in Management/Marketing meet the Quality Matters (QM) standards for online courses. Currently, the department has eleven of their online courses for this program meeting QM standards. Once all online courses in the program meet standards, the department plans to market the program as QM certified.

QM is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. Based on research-supported and published best practices, the QM Rubric is a set of 41 standards by which to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. A team of three peer reviewers, including a subject matter expert, use the QM rubric to review the online course site and provide the faculty developer with feedback.

QM Picture QM Picture

Several other online courses in other departments have also met standards. These include 08-103 Elizabeth Dimmitt (Pyschology/Sociology/Counseling), 08-234 and 08-333  Rebecca Hendrix (Pyschology/Sociology/Counseling), 22-555 and 22-233 Matt Johnson (HPERD), 32-580 Greg Haddock (Geology/Geography), and 32-611 Yanfen Le (Geology/Geography).

Quality Matters recognized courses are listed on the CITE web site at: If you are interested in learning more about Quality Matters and how you can use this tool in designing online, blended, and web-enhanced face-to-face course sites, please contact Darla Runyon at

New Faculty Course Copy Tool available to duplicate courses

Pearson eCollege has launched a new tool called the Faculty Course Copy Tool which provides a way for faculty to duplicate course sites whenever they are ready. This new tool can be found under the Course Admin tab in all course sites that are in the .NExT version. As long as an empty course site is available, faculty can duplicate course sites using this new tool.  You can also duplicate content items from one course site to another as along as both course sites are in the new .NExT version of eCollege. 

This feature was incorporated this fall for all courses. If you have courses in the old version, please let CITE know so that we can get them converted. This will allow you to be able to use this new functionality. CITE will no longer be using the Faculty Course Request link on the eCollege login page. 

If you need two sections combined in one course site, contact Darla Runyon, either by phone 660.562.1532 or email

Below are links to two training videos explaining how to use the full content copy function and the Copy Content Item function.