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Northwest Missouri State University

On-Campus Recruiting

Various Dates

Employers visit the Northwest Missouri State University campus each trimester to recruit quality candidates. They can promote their job/internship opportunities through hosting information sessions/information tables, conducting on-campus interviews, and participating in career events like Career Day or Next Day Interviews. These activities provide students with the opportunity to meet recruiters and network within their industry without leaving campus!

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Why participate, what’s in it for me?

The benefits of On-Campus Recruiting:

  • Learn about a employer’s culture, training programs, job expectations, and possible career tracks directly from visiting recruiters
  • Familiarize yourself with the employer’s application and interview process
  • Meet contacts and network with employers within your industry of interest while on-campus
  • Increase your chance of securing interviews for job/internship offers prior to graduation

What employers are interviewing?

Information Sessions

Employer Date Time(s) Location(s)

Interviewing Employers

Employer Schedule type &
Application Deadline
Interview Date Job Titles

How do I sign-up?

To apply for an interview log into Hire A Bearcat. All employer schedules are filled/reserved prior to the event on a first come, first served basis. There are no guarantees that any interviews will be available as the eligibility period comes to an end. Sign-up now for best availability!

Sign-up in Hire A Bearcat requires:

  1. Completing the profile section (includes User Agreement compliance under the Privacy tab)
  2. Uploading a resume
  3. Choosing an employer
  4. Selecting an available interview time slot


  • Your resume CANNOT be switched out after it has been attached to an open interview schedule. Do not upload a rough draft or an incomplete document.
  • We monitor uploaded resumes carefully to ensure employers receive quality documents. We reserve the right to remove anyone from an interview spot if their resume is not complete and accurate.

What is an information session/information table?

What is it and why should I attend?

An information session is a presentation hosted in a private setting, by an employer, which provides students a chance to learn about the organization in a less formal setting than an interview. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the recruiter(s) on a more personal level.

An information table is hosted in a high-traffic and public area, which provides students the opportunity to ask a quick question or to have a short conversation. The recruiter may share handouts or direct you to their website for more information.

Who can attend?

Any student interested in the employer is welcome to attend advertised information sessions, regardless of whether you have an interview scheduled.

What do I wear?

Unless otherwise instructed by the employer, Career Services recommends the following attire: casual slacks (khakis or similar) and dress shirt or sweater. After all, first impressions count!


The employer may provide refreshments.

Length of event?

Typically information sessions range between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Most often students are welcome to come and go as necessary, however make certain not to disrupt the group if you must arrive/depart during the presentation.

When does sign-up end?

Interview dates and deadlines are scheduled throughout the trimester and are set by each individual employer. Log into Hire A Bearcat to see interview dates and deadlines. There are no guarantees that any interviews will be available as the sign-up period comes to an end. Sign-up now for best availability.

Accepting interviews

We strongly suggest you only accept the offer to interview if you are genuinely interested, otherwise kindly decline the offer. Please do not take away someone else’s opportunity to interview.

What is the difference between Pre-Select, Open, and Fill at Career Day Interview types?

Pre-Select: Qualified candidates may APPLY for an interview. All application materials (resumes and/or cover letters) are then reviewed by the employer. Candidates will be notified by email (through the email address supplied in their profile section of Hire A Bearcat) indicating whether the employer of choice accepted or declined their request to interview. The ACCEPTED candidates must then return to Hire A Bearcat to select an available interview slot.

Open: Qualified candidates will be GRANTED access to the interview schedule; however interviews are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Fill at Career Day: The employer will select candidates to fill their schedule during the Career Day event. Interviews may be held during the event or at a later date. Bring multiple copies of your resume to share with recruiters during the event! Obviously, attendance at the career fair is pivotal.

What happens if I miss my interview?

Below is an excerpt from Career Services User Agreement Policy for students participating in On-Campus Recruiting. The full document can be found in Hire A Bearcat under Profile, then select the Privacy tab.

  • “I understand that if I violate the Cancellation/No-show Policy for any scheduled on-campus interviews, I must write a letter of apology to the employer and deliver the letter to Career Services within one week of the missed appointment. I will be considered a no-show if:
    • • I cancel a scheduled interview less than one full business day in advance
    • • I do not show up for an interview
  • If you fail to submit the letter, your Career Services account and campus recruiting privileges will be revoked. These privileges may be regained only after a personal appointment with the Career Development Coordinator – Employer Relations in Career Services.”

If you know in advance that you will need to cancel your interview please contact our office immediately at 660-562-1250 or so we may inform the employer of the cancellation.

How do I prepare?

  1. Research the employer you have selected
    • What services/products does the employer provide/produce?
    • Have there been any articles about the employer in magazines (Fortune 500, Best Companies to Work For), newspapers, or on the Internet?
    • Where is the employer located? How many employees?
    • How old is the employer and is it expanding?
    • What career opportunities are available?
  2. Consider the types of general interview questions that will potentially be asked and prepare answers
  3. Create a list of questions (at least three) to ask the employer
  4. Select appropriate interview apparel and try it on, at least one week in advance

The Day of the event

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to the interview location. Upon arrival, verify your participation by signing in at the Career Services table. You will be directed to your interview location.


Why participate...what’s in it for me?

Hosting on-campus interviews, information sessions/information tables, and participating in events like Career Day and Next Day Interviews is a great way to get your company’s name and brand shared across campus. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet perspective students, promote your employer, connect and network with faculty, and build relationships throughout Northwest.

Participating in On-Campus Recruiting is an investment in your employer’s future. Through visiting campus, students begin to develop an awareness of your company which may lead them to apply for full-time/internship opportunities in the future.

How do I sign-up?

We ask that you complete our “New Interview Schedule Request” form found on Hire A Bearcat (our NACElink/Symplicity system) to help us gather some basic information about your visit. From the home page select the green On-Campus Recruiting tab found at the top of the screen. We request that you submit complete job descriptions for each of your job/internship positions.

Interview dates are available throughout the school year and are arranged on a first come, first served basis. For additional questions or to check date availability contact Renee Riedel or call 660-562-1343.

Confirmation materials

Prior to the interview date you will receive a confirmation email with a parking pass, a link to campus/parking maps, and the interview location.

The Day of the event

Check in with Career Services to receive your employer folder, which includes your interview schedule, student resumes, evaluation, and information about Northwest. We will then show you to your room, provide an overview of the event, and explain the layout of the campus to help you get acclimated.