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Northwest Missouri State University

"Mock" Interview Day

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sign Up:

Begins: Monday, February 3
Ends: Friday, February 21 at 4:00 pm or when all slots are filled 

The goal of this event is to help our students gain interviewing experience by meeting face-to-face with real employers. Following the mock interview, the employers should provide students with direct feedback on their resume, interview responses, and overall impression. We encourage employers to use their own interview format to make the mock interviews as close to a real interview as possible.

The event is located in the Union, 3rd floor from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Each mock interview session will be approximately 40 minutes, which allows:

  • 20 minutes to conduct the interview
  • 10-15 minutes to critique the resume/interviewing skills and provide feedback


Why participate...what’s in it for me?

This event will offer between 250-280 mock interviews to our Northwest students and is a great way to get your company’s name and brand shared across campus. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet perspective students, promote your company, connect and network with faculty, and build relationships throughout Northwest. This is not a recruiting opportunity; the event is designed to benefit our students by helping them develop stronger interviewing skills.

How do I sign-up?

We work closely with faculty and students each trimester to identify industries and areas of interest then connect with employers in those areas. This event is by invitation only, there is no online registration. “Mock” Interview Day is open to all majors and students, so we must select employers with a history of hiring diverse majors. If you are interested in participating, please contact Stacey Stokes for more information.

What time does the event begin and end?

Registration is from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.  The interviews begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m.  The day also includes a networking lunch from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. with faculty and staff.  Refreshments will be available during breaks and throughout the day.

How do I prepare?

We encourage you to:

  • Use your own interview questions and format to make the mock interview as close to a real interview as possible. Keep in mind that not all of your interviewees have a major that aligns with your company, so be ready to adjust your questions to meet the needs of each student.
  • Remember students are expecting feedback to help them improve on their resume and overall interviewing skills, so please be prepared to offer them constructive feedback.
  • Time allotment for each mock interview session will be approximately 40 minutes, which allows:
    • 20 minutes to conduct the interview
    • 10-15 minutes to critique the resume/interviewing skills and provide feedback
    • 5 minutes to prepare for the next interviewee
  • Review all confirmation materials prior to the event including the student assessment form, parking pass, maps, and event overview in preparation for the event.

Day of the event

Check in with the Career Services registration table in the Union 3rd floor to receive your event folder. This includes your event agenda, student resumes, student assessment forms, and information about Northwest.  We will then show you to your room, provide an overview of the event, and explain the layout of the Union to help you get acclimated.

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day. We host a networking lunch with faculty and staff in our Union Boardroom to provide the opportunity to connect our campus community with you.

Candidates / Students

Why participate, what's in it for me?

The benefits of mock interviewing include the opportunity to:

  • Receive constructive criticism and feedback from an industry professional
  • Reduce your anxiety and help you preview any areas of weakness that may arise during the interview
  • Familiarize yourself with the interview experience and to recognize the areas in which you excel
  • Make an investment in your future to ensure you are prepared for a real interview when the time comes
  • Meet contacts and network with employers within your industry of interest

How do I sign-up?

To reserve an interview spot, log-in to Hire A Bearcat between Monday, February 3 and Friday, February 21.   All employer schedules are filled/reserved prior to the event on a first come, first served basis. There are no guarantees that any interviews will be available as the eligibility period comes to an end. Sign-up now for best availability!

Sign-up in Hire A Bearcat requires:

  1. Completing the profile section (includes User Agreement compliance under the Privacy tab)
  2. Uploading a resume
  3. Choosing an employer
  4. Selecting an available interview time slot


  • Your resume CANNOT be switched out after it has been attached to an interview schedule. Do not upload a rough draft or an incomplete document.
  • We monitor uploaded resumes carefully to ensure employers receive quality documents. We reserve the right to remove anyone from an interview spot if their resume is not complete and accurate.

What if there are no employers for my major?

The employers that participate in this event understand that they may interview candidates with a variety of majors.  We try to identify employers that would have opportunities for a diverse set of majors.  Remember, this experience is designed to help you prepare and experience the interview process.  Employers are going to ask a variety of interview questions ranging from general to behavioral based, are you ready to answer them?

When does sign-up end?

Sign-up closes on Friday, February 21 at 4:00 pm or when all time slots are filled.  There are no guarantees that any interviews will be available as the sign-up period comes to an end.

How many interviews can I sign-up for?

Students are limited to one interview until Tuesday, February 18. You may sign-up for a second interview with a different organization beginning Tuesday, February 18. Sign-up closes on Friday, February 21 at 4 pm or when all time slots are filled. Students that exceed the number of interviews allotted will be removed from all but one spot at the discretion of Career Services.

How do I prepare?

  1. Research the employer you have selected
    • What services/products does the employer provide/produce?
    • Have there been any articles about the employer in magazines (Fortune 500, Best Companies to Work For), newspapers, or on the Internet?
    • Where is the employer located? How many employees?
    • How old is the employer and is it expanding?
    • What career opportunities are available?
  2. Consider the types of general interview questions that will potentially be asked and prepare answers
  3. Create a list of questions (at least three) to ask for the employer
  4. Select appropriate interview apparel and try it on, at least one week in advance

Day of the event

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to the Union, 3rd floor for your interview.  Upon arrival, verify your participation by signing in at the Career Services table located at the top of the main stairway. You will be directed to your interview room.  During the feedback section you will receive an assessment that will critique your overall interview impression.

Following your interview please visit the Career Services table to complete an online evaluation about your mock interview experience.  Your feedback helps us to improve this event for future students and employers.  We appreciate your comments.  

What employers are interviewing?

"Mock" Interview Day Employers Majors
Ag Progressing, Inc. (AGP) Agriculture
American Angus Agriculture
ARAMARK Dietetics
Barkley Non-Technical
Buckle Non-Technical
Cargill, Inc. Agriculture
Cerner Corporation Non-Technical
Cerner Corporation Technical
Commerce Bank
Skype Interviews
Federal Reserve Bank Non - Technical
GROWMARK Agriculture
Hy-Vee, Inc Non - Technical
Liberty Public Schools Education
Maryville R-II Education
MO Dept. of Social Services Psych, Soc, Recreation, Child & Family Studies, Education
Murphy-Brown, LLC Agriculture
Perceptive Software
Skype Interviews
Red Oak CSD Education
Roundedcube Non - Technical, Technical, and Creative majors
South Nodaway R-IV Education
St Francis Hospital & Health Services Dietetics
St. Joseph School District Education
Swanson Russell Non - Technical
Sysco Dietetics
West Nodaway R-I Education