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Northwest Missouri State University

Personal Development & Counseling Services

Along with the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator and VIA (Values in Action) classification, Personal Development & Counseling Services offers Career Counseling. Call the office to schedule an appointment. Use the information below to help prepare for the appointment.

Career Counseling Basics

Tools commonly used by Personal Development & Counseling Services for career counseling:

What is Personal Development & Counseling Services?

Personal Development & Counseling Services is an integral part of the overall wellness initiative at Northwest Missouri State University. We strive to meet students' needs in the transition to college and beyond. We are funded by your student health fees.

What is the role of a Counselor?

In counseling, the Counselor works to:

  • Provide unbiased opinions and feedback.
  • Assist you in becoming more aware of your feelings and accepting them as an important part of your self.
  • Help you discover a range of healthy choices available to you.
  • Assist you in discovering and making the most of your strengths.
  • Support you in finding ways to cope with difficult situations and overcome unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Provide referrals for additional professional service and support, when needed.

What about my privacy?

Your confidentiality is our priority. Only the professional staff of the Personal Development & Counseling Services are authorized to see information contained in your file, and we do not share this information with your parents or other university personnel. Student workers do not have access to this information. If you feel especially uncomfortable, we invite you to discuss your concerns with us, and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.

The professional staff at the Personal Development & Counseling Services have advanced degrees in psychology, counseling, or social work. If you are interested, please see the Staff bios on our web page.

I think I want to come in for counseling….What do I need to do?

The first appointment is called an Intake. To schedule an Intake, please call 562-1348. Before the Intake appointment, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork. Generally, your Intake appointment will occur at least one or more days following your initial telephone call to the Personal Development and Counseling services office. During the Intake session, the counselor will assess your concerns, review the paperwork with you, and strategize approaches for helping your achieve your goals.

Here are some tips for your first session:

  1. Write down your concerns and questions beforehand. Sometimes they are hard to remember!
  2. Think about the history of your concern, and identify important people and events that are influencing how you feel.
  3. Remember that it is OK (and normal!) to be nervous the first time you come in.

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Possible Career Counseling Interview Questions

The following questions may help you know what to expect in a counseling session. You may also benefit from asking yourself these questions and writing down your answers.

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