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Northwest Missouri State University

Dr. Oscar Pérez-Hernández

Dr. Oscar Pérez-Hernández



1221 Center of Innovation


660.562.1621 (fax)

Joined Northwest in 2017

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. Agronomy: Plant Pathology; University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Minor in Statistics
  • M.S. Plant Pathology; Iowa State University
  • B.S. Plant Protection; Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, México

Courses Taught

  • AGRI 434  Weed Science: Ecology and Control (Fall)
  • AGRI 381  Applied Entomology (Fall)
  • AGRI 292  Introduction to Agricultural Pesticides (Fall)
  • AGRI 540  Grain Crops (Fall)
  • AGRI 238  Techniques in Crop Scouting (Spring)
  • AGRI 438  Advanced Crop Production (Spring)
  • AGRI 582  Plant Diseases (Spring)
  • AGRI 648  Principles of Spray Application and Technology (Spring)

Academic Interests

  • Ecology and epidemiology of diseases in field crops
    • Methods for disease assessment, sampling, and yield loss estimation
    • Spatial and temporal modeling of epidemics in relation to weather
    • Subterranean and surface dispersal of plant parasitic nematodes
  • Design of experiments in agronomical sciences
  • Statistical modeling; generalized linear mixed models
  • Integrated crop management; emphasis on the relationship of plant nutrition and disease development

Scholarly Activity

Recent Publications

  • Pérez-Hernández, O., Cravens, C., and Olewunne, C. 2018. Efficacy of foliar fungicides in the control of frogeye leaf spot in soybean in Central Missouri, 2017. Plant Dis. Manag. Rep. doi:10.1094/PDMR12.
  • Carmona, M., Sautua, F. J. and Pérez-Hernández, O. 2018. Copper phosphite enhances efficacy of a strobilurin-triazole fungicide in controlling late season foliar diseases of soybean. Crop Protection. In Press.
  • Góngora-Canul, C. C., Martínez-Sebastián, Aguilera-Cauich, E. A., Uc-Varguez, A., López-Puc, G., and Pérez-Hernández, O. 2018. Spatio-temporal dynamics of mealybug (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) populations in plantations of Jatropha curcas in Yucatan,Mexico. Industrial Crops & Products. 117:110-117.
  • Carmona, M., Sautua, F. J. Pérez-Hernández, O., and Mandolesi, J. I. 2017. AgroDecisor EFC: First Android app decision support tool for timing fungicide applications for management of late-season soybean diseases. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 144:310-313.
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., and Giri, A. 2017. Efficacy of fungicides in the control of foliar diseases in soybean in West Central Missouri. Plant Disease Management Report 11:FC120.
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., and Giesler, L. J. 2017. Intra- and interplot variability of Heterodera glycines population densities in experimental settings to soybean variety evaluations in Nebraska. Crop Protection 94:123-136.
  • Carmona, M., Sautua, F., Grijalba, P., Cassina, M, and Pérez-Hernández, O. 2017. Effect of K and Mn phosphites in the control of Pythium damping-off in soybean: a feasible alternative to fungicide seed treatments. Pest Management Science: In Press.
  • Montesinos-López, O. A., Montesinos-López, A., Crossa, J., Toledo, F., Pérez-Hernández, O., Eskridge, K., and Rutkoski, J. 2016. A genomic Bayesian multi-trait and multi-environment model. Genetics 6:2725-2744.
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., and Giesler, L. J. 2014. Quantitative relationship of soil texture with the observed population density reduction of Heterodera glycines after annual corn rotation in Nebraska. Journal of Nematology 46:90-100.

Published Abstracts in Proceedings of Scientific Meetings [Last three years]

  • Perez-Hernandez, O., and Esker, P. D. 2018. Modeling count response data in phytopathology: beyond the overdispersed Poisson model. Presented on June 12, 2018 at the North Central Division Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society in Fargo, ND.
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., Sautua, F., Ziegler, V., Scandiani, M., and Carmona, M. 2018. A new, practical, and reliable method to assess intensity of Cercospora leaf blight in soybean
  • Reyes, P. E. and Perez-Hernandez, O. 2018. Aspects of linear mixed models for multinomial responses with observed low frequencies. Presented at the Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture. May 6 to 8, 2018. Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.
  • Sautua, F., Pérez-Hernández, O., Carmona, M., Scandiani, M., and Ziegler, V. 2018. Characterization of the temporal progress of soybean Cercospora leaf blight using a tactical on-plant canopy method. 
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., Giesler, L. J., and Hubbard, K. 2016. Implications of an epidemiological study to management of the soybean cyst nematode in Nebraska. Phytopathology 106:S4.192.
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., Giri, A., Kidwaro, F., and Montesinos-López, O. 2016. Subsampling and counting in nematology: a case study with population densities of Heterodera glycines. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Nematologists and The Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America. July 17 to 21, 2016. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • .Zancan, W., and Pérez-Hernández, O. 2016. Transmission potential of Sclerotinia sclerotiourum to cotton seedlings from differential exposure times of seeds to mycelium. Phytopathology 106.S4.194.
  • Lark, J., Navarrete-Tindall, N., and Pérez-Hernández, O. 2016. Characterization of the seed frequency in wild and cultivated persimmon fruit in Central Missouri. Missouri Academy of Sciences Meeting. Jefferson City, Missouri. April 22-23, 2016.
  • Pérez-Hernández, O., and Giesler, L. J. 2015. Spatial pattern analysis of Heterodera glycines population densities in experimental settings to soybean variety evaluations in the United States. Presented at the 2015 annual meeting of the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA. Nov. 15-18, Minneapolis, MN. 

Other Professional Experience


  • The American Phytopathological Society
  • The Society of Nematologists
  • American Statistical Association
  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science

Reviewer in scientific journals:

  • Revista Mexicana de Fitopatologia
  • International Journal of Crop Protection