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Northwest Missouri State University

Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)
Celebration of Quality (Photo by University Photography)

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What You Need To Know

Celebration 2016
An Interdisciplinary Academic Symposium

3-9:30 p.m., Friday, April 1
3rd Floor, J.W. Jones Student Union

Celebration of Quality Call for Papers (and other Projects)

The Society of President’s Scholars and Honors College are again joining forces to sponsor the Celebration of Quality, an interdisciplinary symposium spotlighting exceptional student work throughout campus.

The symposium is open to all Missouri Academy, undergraduate and graduate students at Northwest and may include work completed either this trimester or any time during the previous year. Faculty and staff are encouraged to recommend the symposium to students and to sponsor their best work, and students are encouraged to submit your work. The Celebration has been moved back this year to accommodate projects undertaken this spring term. If you will have a completed project by April 1 and a faculty member who is willing to sponsor you, please submit your work!

Submissions are due by Friday, March 4. The application form is available online.

This year’s symposium will be 3 to 9:30 p.m. Friday, April 1. Sessions will take place throughout the afternoon and evening, and there will be a banquet to which all Celebration participants and their faculty sponsors are invited; tickets may also be purchased for guests. Posters, artwork, and other projects also will be displayed throughout the entire event.

The symposium gives the University community a chance to see the work students are completing across disciplines, and it gives participating students an audience beyond the classroom. In past years, students have presented creative writing, original research, and analytical papers. They have given speeches, conducted panel discussions, and displayed original works of art and visual summaries of their projects in science, education and business. They also have presented dramatic readings and played or analyzed music, and some have presented other original work or projects completed in class or during internships. The selection committee is open to new and innovative approaches in what students want to present and how they would like to present it!

Please address any questions to Dr. Elyssa Ford ( or Dr. Mohammed Meziani (

Thank you,

Brianna Wilmes, President of the Society of President’s Scholars
Elyssa Ford and Mohammed Meziani, Sponsors of the Society of President’s Scholars
Gregg Dieringer, Director of the Honors Program

Registration is closed.

Here's why you should participate:

  1. You will get an opportunity to hear people ooh, aah, clap, smile, and generally respond positively to your work.
  2. You can list your participation on your resume. This type of involvement looks great to potential employers.
  3. You will impress your family and friends.
  4. You will be even prouder of your work than you are now, truly believing all your hard work did pay off.
  5. And, you will get a free dinner!

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  1. After you find a faculty member to be your sponsor, fill out the application form. (Faculty are quite happy to do this, and it doesn’t have to be the teacher for whom you completed your work.)
  2. If you are presenting with other students who worked on the same project, please put all of your names on a single form. If you and a friend want to present different projects but at the same session, please submit separate forms and indicate your preference to present at the same time.
  3. Submit the form.

We look forward to seeing you and your work!

Schedule of Events

Celebration 2016
An Interdisciplinary Academic Symposium

3-9:30 p.m., Friday, April 1
3rd Floor, Student Union

The Celebration of Quality symposium, sponsored by the Honors Program and the Society of President's Scholars, showcases the academic achievements of students across campus. The sessions and displays are free and open to the public and door prizes will be awarded.

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Friday, April 1

2:30-3:15 p.m.


3rd Floor,
Student Union

3:15-8:30 p.m.

Poster and Display Exhibits


3:30-4:15 p.m.

Session 1

Computer Science & A.I.
Moderators: Jade Stewart

Prasunjit Nayak, “Intelligent Auctioning System,” (Sponsor: Dr. Denise Case)

Will Hargrave, “Work Position Scheduling with an Agent Based Approach,” (Sponsor: Dr. Denise Case)

Ramya Virajitha Sankara, “Bearcat Temperature Converter! – A Basic App in Swift, iOS 9,” (Sponsor: Dr. Denise Case)

Sumit Gondane, “Plotting H-R Diagram Which Determines the Brightness and Color of the Stars,” (Sponsor: Dr. Dong Si)

Meeting Room A

Geographical Studies
Moderators: Addison Passiglia

Carrie Christensen, “African Gaming Developers: Making Games Culturally Relevant,” (Sponsor: Dr. Brian Hesse)

Devin Anderson, “Western Perspectives on the Niyazov Dictatorship in Turkmenistan,” (Sponsor: Dr. Brett Chloupek)

Meeting Room B

Public Relations
Moderators: Steven Gordon

Sydnee Arnold, Shelby Lloyd, Cindy Guffey, and Anthony Gonnello, “Cooking with Gratitude,” (Sponsor: Dr. John Katsion)

Kaitlin Williams, “Lost in Translation: International Public Relations,” (Sponsor: Dr. David Shadinger)

Meeting Room C

4:30-5:30 p.m.

Session 2

Animal and Human Studies
Moderators: Jade Stewart

Alex Slagle, “An Assessment of Leech Parasitism on Two Species of Freshwater Turtles (Chelydra serpentine and Chrysemys picta),” (Sponsor: Dr. Jay McGhee)

Huixin Du, Heejae Shim, and Som Prabh Singh, “Hereditary Hemochromatosis,” (Sponsor: Dr. Rafiq Islam)

Meeting Room A

Creative Arts
Moderator: Hana Mayfield

Ansheq Xu, “Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 Pathetique,” (Sponsor: Dr. Ernest Kramer)

Jonathan Pryor Webber, “The Ironically Victorious Tchaikovsky and His Piano Concerto No. 1,” (Sponsor: Dr. Ernest Kramer)

Tanner D. Lewey, “Just Like Dogs: The Black Dog Analogy in Chestnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition,” (Sponsor: Dr. Ashley Davis-Black)

Meeting Room B

Behavioral Sciences
Moderator: Steven Gordon

Jared Ohm, Ashleigh Beamer, and Essence Chalmers, “Religiosity vs. Risky Behaviors Among College Students,” (Sponsor: Dr. Ryan Wessell)

Carrie Christensen, “Yellow Fever: Western Influences on African Beauty,” (Sponsor: Dr. Brian Hesse)

Katlin Gardner, “Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?” (Sponsor: Brenda Ryan)

Meeting Room C

5:45-7:15 p.m.

Celebration Banquet & Door Prize Drawing #1

Introduction: Brianna Wilmes, President, Society of President’s Scholars

Keynote Address: Dr. Robert Dewhirst, Professor of Political Science


7:30-8:30 p.m.

Session 3

Math and Sciences
Moderator: Lauren Ransom

Som Prabh Singh, “Polygon Midpoint Pattern,” (Sponsor: Dr. Kurtis Fink)

Rachelle Bailey, “Soil Chemistry of a Heavy-Metal Contaminated Zone,” (Sponsor: Dr. James Campbell and Dr. Rex McAliley)

Eonho Chang and Jinwoo Choi, “Shining Laser Light on Fullerenes,” (Sponsor: Dr. Himadri Chakraborty)

Meeting Room A

Moderator: Brianna Wilmes

Nicholas R. Ubben, “Ergonomics in Relation to Drumming,” (Sponsor: Dr. Bryan Dorrel)

Cale Korbelik, “Ergonomics in Relation to Drumming,” (Sponsor: Dr. Bryan Dorrel)

Meeting Room B

Civil Participation
Moderator: Steven Gordon

Alison Hanner, Fred Vogel, Patricia Florance, Sara Miles, and Sydney Bishop, “Service Project for United States Service Members,” (Sponsor: Dr. John Katsion)

Angela Luna, Adam Walker, and Katie Brown, “Iowa Caucuses,” (Sponsor: Steven Chappell)

Meeting Room C

8:45 p.m.

Door Prize Drawing #2


Poster and Display Exhibits

Presenter(s) Title Sponsor
Cammie Leann McCann “The Form and Function of Fore Claws and Hind Claws in Family Felidae” Dr. Peter Adam
Drake Beery “Perchlorate Detection at Low Concentrations” Dr. Mohammed J. Meziani
Rebecca Hansen “A Look at Graphic Novels and What They Have to Offer in the Modern Classroom, as Well as how to Incorporate Them into a Literacy Unit” Dr. Jenny Rytting
Xinyue Chen, Shuyan Li, and Yiming Ma “Drug Coating Efficiency
Based on Concentrations of Stabilizers”
Dr. Shelley Riley
Michael Wienands, Bradley Dougherty, and Nicholas Maye “The Bathtub Problem” Dr. Shepherd and
Dr. Brian Haile
Leanne Foley “Mammals of Nodaway County, MO” Dr. Rex McAliley
Alexandra Davis “Petrology, Petrography, and Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Olmitz Limestone, Belinda Shale, and 1000 Acre Coal at Their Type Section in South-Central Iowa” Dr. John Paul Pope
Samantha Templeton and Emelia Gwin “A Survey of Parasites in Frogs and Rabbits” Dr. Pete Adam
Samantha Hess “My Timber” Dr. Stuart Robinson
Brogan Smithey “Penguin Beak Structure in Relation to Dietary Needs” Dr. Pete Adam

Mengyuan Qi
“Characterization of Bacterial Communities Associated
with Calcium Carbonate-Rich Soils”
Dr. Alisha Campbell
Kyle Hamilton “VMware Virtualization Server” Dr. Scott Bell
Kyle Hamilton, Adam Shifflet, Lawrence Foley, Logan Manning, Brian Heifner, and Joseph Cherry “BR3 Real Estate Investment” Dr. Tanmay Bhowik
Wyatt Henke “Effects of Soil Heavy-Metal Contaminants on Total
Number of Bacteria and Archaea at the Picher, Oklahoma Mining Site”
Dr. James Campbell
Melinda Kelsey “Community Needs Assessment & Heart Health
Education Resources”
Ms. Kelli Wilmes
Arturo Anzures, Jr. “Smart Watch as a Ticket for Entry” Dr.
Scott Bell
Samantha Barton “Relationships between Skull and Dental Morphology
and Diet in Otters”
Dr. Peter Adam
Shelbie Wise, Anthony Quintero, Austin Diedrichs, Calvin Rossiter, Stetson Smith, and Adam Pool “Jury Duty- A Scheduling Web Application” Dr. Tanmay Bhowmik
Adam Eldon Lane “Petrology, Petrography, Conodont, Biostratigraphy
and Correlation of an Unknown Pennsylvanian Cyclothem from an Outcrop in South-Central Iowa”
Dr. John Paul Pope
Sabrina Olson “Effect of Temperature and Coverage on Cope’s Gray
Tree Frog Capture Rates”
Dr. Jay McGhee
Abigail Athen “Effects of Habitat Features on Capture Rates of
Common Snapping Turtle and the Western Painted Turtle”
Dr. Jay McGhee
Shannel Phillips “Verbal Morphology and Correlations to Carnivore Locomotion” Dr. Peter Adam
Kevin Marshall and Hannah Protzman “Stopping the Kessler Syndrome: A Space Debris Solution” Dr. Mary Shepherd
Lauren Ruiz “Benthic Invertebrate Population Survey of Mozingo Lake” Dr. Peter Adam
Kent Irwin “Habitat Usage in Proximity to Wind Farms by Local Bat
Species in Northwest Missouri”
Dr. Rex McAliley
Amanda Stoll and Leigh Weisbach “Technological Influences on Anxiety and Memory” Dr. Jerrold Barnett
Maci Hicks “Characterization of Potential Novel Alphaproteobacteria
from Walker Lake, Nevada”
Dr. James Campbell
Eric Martin, Dakota Carmichael, Sandip Subedi, Jerry Liu, Kyle Scott, and Coleten McGuire “Pagliai’s Inventory Tracking System” Dr. Tanmay Bhowmik
Tatiana Calkins “Onlook” Mr. Armin Muhsam
Chance Allen “The Painter and Muse” Mr. Armin Muhsam

The Celebration of Quality is hosted by the Honors Program (director: Dr. Greggory Dieringer) and the Society of President’s Scholars (faculty sponsors: Dr. Elyssa Ford and Dr. Mohammed Meziani; student president: Brianna Wilmes)

Special thanks to the Office of the Provost for sponsoring this event.

Don’t forget to enter the door prize drawing.

Be sure to enter the door prize drawing. Every person is eligible for one entry each session you attend (be sure to sign up each time), so the more sessions you attend, the more likely you are to win! You must be present at the drawings to collect the prize.