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Missouri Academy

For Domestic Missouri Residents


  1. Tuition and Fees

    • The in-state tuition/fees is $281.96/credit for the 2015-2016 academic year, resulting in an estimated total of $10,292/year for 36.5 credit hours.  Missouri residents will pay about 55% of the total tuition/fees = $5,660.  
    • All students are also assessed a Missouri Academy Program fee at the rate of $6 per credit hour – that will be about $219 for the first year.
  2. Room Costs

    • The room rate for the 2015-2016 academic year is estimated at $5,669 for the year for double-occupancy
    • Missouri residents receive partial-to-full scholarships based on demonstrated financial need ("Need" information is based on FAFSA).
    • Families must file the FAFSA form by April 1 each year to qualify for any room scholarships. FAFSA website address: -- Reporting code: 002496 (Northwest Missouri State University).
    • Minimum scholarship of 20% of room costs awarded to all students - some students will receive scholarship to cover up to 100% of room costs – this is based on need.
  3. Board (Food) Costs

    • The board rate for the 2015-2016 academic year is estimated at $3,889 for the year for the Silver (Base) meal plan. There are two other meal plans: the Gold and Platinum (both more expensive). Please refer to the website for a more detailed description of the meal plans and the campus dining experience.
  4. Miscellaneous Expenses/Incidental Costs

    TI-84 Calculator $110
    Shuttle Charges -- One-way or Two $60 per shuttle
    Northwest Bookstore -- Pens, pencils, paper, etc. $45
    Printouts, photocopies, faxes -- as needed $90 ($10 x 9 months)
    Laundry -- Machines in North Complex Free
    Student Club/Wings -- Zoo trips, Opera tickets, T-shirts etc. $75 per year
    Personal items, toiletries, laundry soap, movies, eating out, etc. $270 ($30 x 9 months)
    Missouri Academy Yearbook (optional) $65 per year
    Missouri Academy Prom (optional) $40 + dress/tux, flowers, etc.
    Graduation announcements, senior rings (optional) $200 (varies greatly! -- 2nd year only)
    Approximate Total (per year): $700 - $2,200

Relationship between sending/home high school and the Missouri Academy

When a student enrolls at the Missouri Academy, he/she can either;

  1. remain on the class rolls of the sending/home high school, or
  2. sever ties with the home high school and totally transfer to the Missouri Academy.

The decision to go with either (a) or (b) may be initiated by either the student or the sending/home school. The implications of these decisions are outlined below:

1. If the home high school elects to keep the student on its class rolls (and the student agrees), then the home high school:

Has the right to determine whether or not the student will be allowed to participate in the home school graduation ceremony.

2. If the home high school elects to sever ties and officially transfer the student to the Missouri Academy, then the home high school:

NB: Neither the student nor the home high school can override the other's decision to sever ties.