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Owens Library Research

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Tutorials: In-depth guides usually grouped into units/modules by topic that can be taken independently

[ Assignment Calculator ] Assignment Calculator
This resource breaks a speech or a research paper into steps according to the remaining time before the assignment is due. Guides and resources are provided for each step of the process.

Owens Library Video Tour: The Truth About Libraries
(Requires high speed internet connection to view)
Take a virtual tour of Owens Library and learn the layout of the library and collections housed on each floor.

[ MOBIUS Tutorial ]MOBIUS Tutorial
Describes how to search for books and other materials in MOBIUS by author, title, subject, and keyword. Information on how to determine which Missouri libraries hold an item is also provided.

[ Virtual Library ]Virtual Library Directions
Navigate the library and learn about available resources and services.

[ In the Know Tutorial ]In the Know: Owens Library Research tutorial (English Composition)
Discusses brainstorming for keywords related to a topic, incorporating boolean operators and stemming techniques into searches, distinguishing between scholarly and popular literature, skimming hit lists to identify pertinent sources, interpreting database citations, locating materials in the library, etc.

[ Researching Controversial/Persuasive Speeches ] Researching Controversial/Persuasive Speeches (Fundamentals of Oral Communication Tutorial)

An online-only version of the tutorial is also available for students that do not have two days of on-campus library research class time.


[ Search Engine Tutorial ] Search Engine Tutorial (Using Computers)
Demonstrates how to search the Web by providing search techniques (how it works, keywords, phrases, boolean, wildcards & synonyms, advanced search strategies), information about search engine math, metasearch engines, error messages, searching for multimedia, and evaluating Web sites.

[ Searchpath ] Searchpath

[ Academic Honesty Tutorial ]Academic Honesty Tutorial
This tutorial will help to correctly paraphrase and quote from sources when writing papers and how to create citations and entries for a list of works cited, references, or a bibliography for sources in MLA, APA, and Turabian styles.

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Learning Objects: Short, independent, adaptable chunks of information that can be applied to a variety of learning situations and styles to teach a single fundamental concept

[  Information Cycle Timeline ]Information Cycle Timeline
The information timeline will help you learn about each type of source and why it's important in the information cycle.


[ Narrowing Topics ]Narrowing Topics
This object provides a method for taking a broad topic and reducing it to a manageable topic to facilitate your information search.

[ Concept Map Creator ]Concept Map Creator
The concept map creator is a tool to complete prior to searching for concepts within databases because it helps to brainstorm concepts, outline sub-topics, and visualize relationships between concepts.

[ Search Generator ]Search Generator
The search generator facilitates effective searching by asking for user-input of concepts and synonyms. After keywords have been supplied, a search using boolean operators is generated. Graphic variations of the search generator are also available for English Composition and Fundamentals of Oral Communication.

[  Boolean Searching ]Boolean Searching
Learn how to combine thoughts and keywords using AND, OR, & NOT in your search strategies.

[ Fruits of Boolean Searching ]Fruits of Boolean Searching
Practice using advanced searching techniques to improve your search results.

[ Truncation ]Truncation
Most databases allow you to search for all forms of a word using word stemming techniques.

[  Brainstorming for Synonyms ] Brainstorming for Synonyms
Use this object to help you locate additional keywords for your database searches.



[  Constructing a Search Strategy ] Constructing a Search Strategy
Practice creating a successful search strategy using pre-defined topics.

[  Xtreme Plagiarism ]Xtreme Plagiarism
Learn about how to avoid and prevent plagiarism through this short tutorial.

[ 'Stuff at Owens Library Game ]'Stuff at Owens Library Game
Play a drop-puzzle game to discover the many resources that are available in the library catalog (books, eBooks, videos, books on tape, electronic resources, music scores, maps, etc.)

[Match Them Up]Match Them Up
Owens Library has over 60 databases - test your memory to see how quickly you can match these databases!

[ Video Hangman ]Video Hangman
Owens Library has lots of popular and award winning movies that can be checked-out for free! Play hangman to discover some of the titles that can be found in the library.

[  Location, Location, Location ]Location, Location,Location! (Dewey Decimal Call Numbers)
Location, Location, Location! (Library of Congress Call Numbers)


[ Library Gameshow ]Library Gameshow
Learn about Search Strategies, Locating Items, Search Destinations, Magazines and Journals.

[ Library Trivia ]Library Trivia
Play a library version of the Millionaire Game to test your library knowledge.

Steps in the Research Process
Forming the Research Question (Education)
Use one of these forms before beginning your research process.
Database Comparison Chart
Use this chart to learn about special features in each of the library's online databases.
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Locating Articles: Alternative Assessment for ELL Students
Locating Articles Alternative Assessments for English Language Learners
Using Business Source Premier
Using Business Source Premier
Creating APA Style Citation from Business Source Premier Results
Creating APA Style Citation from Business Source Premier Results
Using Education Full Text
Using Education Full Text
Using Eric
Using Eric
Finding Persistent URLs in Article Databases
Finding Persistent URLs in Article Databases
Ratio Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Mental Measurement Yearbook
Mental Measurement Yearbook
Journal Title Searching
Journal Title Searching
Library Catalog Field Searching
Library Catalog Field Searching

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