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Northwest Missouri State University

Sick Leave


Full-time faculty members are eligible for 10 working days of sick leave per contract year and it is available September 1 each year. Full-time faculty who miss teaching assignments, office hours or other assignments due to illness will report and be assessed sick leave for each day missed, even in those instances when their teaching responsibilities are absorbed by colleagues.


Full-time, regular employees (administrators, professional staff, and support staff) will accumulate sick leave, with pay, at the rate of 10 hours per month of employment (15 days per full year of employment). Personnel employed on a part-time, regular basis will accrue sick leave benefits at the rate of the fraction of their employment. Sick leave will be available to the employee at the end of the first month of hire if employment begins before the 15th of that month and continues at the rate described above.

Unused sick leave may accumulate and when exhausted, the employee will be offered unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) if eligible. At the time of an employee’s resignation, retirement, or termination, unused sick leave will be reported to MOSERS. At the time of the employee’s retirement, the employee may receive one month of creditable service for each 21 days of unused sick leave reported to MOSERS. At the time the employee retires, the reported unused sick leave is converted to creditable service and is added to the total service, which is only used in calculating the amount of the benefits, not the eligibility for a benefit.
Employees may use sick leave for personal and family purposes as described below:
Sick leave requires prompt notification from ALL employees. Employees are required to notify their immediate supervisor by telephone if they will be unable to come to work that day. For absences of one to three days, the employee’s word will be accepted as proof of the illness. Absences lasting longer than three days may require certification in writing from the employee’s (or family member’s) treating physician. Suspicious absences (such as habitual Monday or Friday illnesses) may require physician certification.
Revision, Board Approved, April 8, 2010