Great things continue to happen at Northwest Missouri State University

January 2013

A year of progress: signs of strength from accreditation to credit ratings

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In January 2012, Northwest's accreditor, Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), conducted a "quality checkup" visit on campus, and in March 2012 the University received word that the visit was a tremendous success and no follow-ups were needed.

Northwest heard from the Higher Learning Commission in August 2012 that its accreditation was reaffirmed through 2018/2019, again with no follow-ups. This is significant considering the number of follow-ups given nationally to institutions has increased

The University's annual audit was conducted in October 2012 and came out with an unqualified opinion and a management letter that indicated Northwest is strengthening its financial position.

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The Missouri Department of Higher Education requested performance indicators from higher education institutions throughout Missouri, and Northwest was notified in November 2012 that it has achieved all five of five performance indicators.

Northwest received its Moody's Credit Rating Report in November 2012, and the institution's credit rating was affirmed, as it was previously, as "stable." This is a strong affirmation, considering 89 percent of organizations that went through a credit rating report in 2012 were downgraded.

Northwest's "stable" credit rating equated to significant savings. In December 2012, Northwest refunded its housing system revenue bonds, and because of the rates that resulted in its credit rating, the University will experience a net savings of $8.6 million.

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